A unique original historical chronicle of success, failure, surprise, comedy, and tragedy, three generations of diverse family and friends of the author, to move you from laughter to tears with creatively linked true stories lived mostly in the Pacific Northwest and Southeast Alaska.

Copyright 2013. Bonded By Water, by David R. Olson. All rights reserved.

"WHY" THIS BOOK?  Because I have tales to tell that aren't about "ME"!

  • Proclaiming the notable courageous life achievements by my father Roy.

  • Witnessing to the steadfast valiant lives of Alaskan watermen.

  • Memorializing my brother Ken's life from risk-taking daredevil to visionary missionary.

  • Witnessing my daughter Jef's inspiring life in a valedictory story that sings out to be shared.

  • How all never hesitated to take venturous less traveled roads on life's journey.

  • ​​How Ken and Jef died tragically, too young, in the outdoors they loved.


You'll find "water" in all its manifestations including ice, snow, and clouds a magnet and linkage connecting family and friends in myriad ways spanning four generations. Digressions are fleshed out reportage of mostly Alaskan extraordinary people and incidents in book worthy stories with endings ranging from humorous to lucky escapes.

Publisher: Patos Island Press in collaboration with Epicenter/Aftershocks Media

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-Excerpt from the book

"Bonded by Water".

Price: $16.95 Soft Bound, $24.95 Hard Bound and $8.95 Ebook. 
​ISBN: 978-0-9847225-5-6.
​307 PAGES, illustrated (62 photos, 4 maps, 13 original poems)
Distributed by Epicenter Press/After Shock Media